PhenoCHEST (TM) CT Screening Utility Wins Medstartr Ventures War on COVID-19 Pitch!

April 2020 - PhenoMx takes top prize in the MedMo War on COVID-19 Virtual Innovation Pitch Competition! 

The virtual pitch competition to battle COVID-19 was held on April 2, 2020 and featured ten companies pioneering, “virtual health, telemedicine, homecare, or completely new technology that can slow or medicate the virus.” Judges included Medstartr Mentors as well as doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and healthtech innovators from throughout the industry. 

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, PhenoMx has aggressively reapplied its core technology of quantitative imaging via digital biomarkers, by developing a multi-parametric imaging model aimed at improving clinical workflow and triage. The result, PhenoCHEST™, a Rapid AI-Enabled Chest CT scan and COVID-19 Dashboard, has been recognized by the Medstartr community as being a viable new tool in the ongoing battle against coronavirus. 

PhenoCHEST™ has displayed, "97% predictive probability," and can identify evidence of COVID-19 impairment within the lungs in less than 2 minutes, thereby enhancing radiology workflow, enabling rapid triage capabilities and markedly increasing the amount of patients that can be screened. According to Dr. Bruce Aylward of the World Health Organization, up to 200 patients were screened per day in China, as recently reported in the New York Times. PhenoCHEST™ does not replace PCR testing or the Radiologist.

PhenoCHEST™ is currently being evaluated in an ongoing clinical study at South Korea's esteemed Myongji Hospital, a Mayo Clinic Care Network member. PhenoMx anticipates study results will enable international governments and healthcare providers to get ahead of COVID-19 and potentially flatten the curve before it develops.

PhenoMx-Mediport of India Parnership, Initial Collaboration to Support COVID-19 Risk Assessment Tool

April 2020 - PhenoMx is happy to announce a long-term strategic alliance with Mediport, Inc. of Varanasi, India. 

This collaboration and partnership makes Mediport the first and perhaps only Indian company with a COVID-19 risk assessment tool that has been substantiated by findings in South Korean coronavirus patients and can be used to quantify the coronavirus risk. 

About the partnership: 

The long-term strategic relationship between PhenoMx and Mediport is aimed at accelerating the digital transformation of the Indian healthcare industry, with both companies working towards personalized healthcare. This partnership strengthens the Mediport vision of further "Personalizing healthcare at one click" and is strongly aligned with the PhenoMx mission to expand healthcare access through digital health solutions, around the globe.

Myongji Hospital, a Mayo Clinic Care Network Member, to Partner with PhenoMx

March 2020 - PhenoMx and Myongji Hospital (Seoul, South Korea) will partner to explore the use of Rapid CT Screening for COVID-19 patients. 

"Myongji Hospital is set to launch its COVID-19 AI solution package, by combining COVID-19 clinical data from the hospital with PhenoMx's AI-based image diagnostic solution technology, and CancerRop's diagnostic kit technology, which has already received recognition in Europe," Myongji Hospital Chairman Lee Wang-jun said. "Our hospital plans to contribute to improving the accuracy of the rapid diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 during a pandemic situation."

PhenoMx Introduces PhenoCHEST (TM) CT Screening Utility in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

March 2020 - PhenoMx has aggressively responded to meet the needs of the global healthcare community by developing a rapid CT screening protocol, PhenoCHEST (TM). This protocol was created by leveraging PhenoMx AI imaging capabilities on a limited data set from COVID-19 positive patients in both China and South Korea. 

CEO Mark Punyanitya Discusses COVID-19 on This Week in Health Innovation

March 2020 - PhenoMx Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Mark Punyanitya, joins This Week in Health Innovation, to discuss what PhenoMx can proactively do to contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

DDAI & PhenoMx Creating Next-Generation Imaging Platform with NVIDIA Clara

December 2019 - DDAI & PhenoMx are creating secure intelligent healthcare solutions by infusing the deep knowledge and experience of highly regarded clinicians into machines for performing fully automated medical image analysis. 

Through AI innovation, DDAI & PhenoMx are leading the creation of a digital platform for democratizing service automation in healthcare. The AI-based solutions will reduce the doctor’s burden to perform time-consuming and repetitive tasks, and allowing for more patient engagement. 

The goal is to transform sick-care to well-care and empower individuals to get a deeper understanding of their bodies. Bringing AI solutions and accelerated computing to the device, or the edge, healthcare providers can stay ahead of increasing amounts of data. 

DDAI/PhenoMx screening and diagnosis solutions automatically infer insights from medical images — including those from breast MRI , lung CT, chest X-ray, brain MRI, and whole body MRI — to provide a quantitative outlook of health/disease and further derive actionable outcomes with little to no manual intervention.

DDAI, PhenoMx, and NVIDIA

Delivering intelligence at the edge minimizes data privacy concerns and enables real-time AI for clinical decisions. DDAI and PhenoMx are working with NVIDIA to bring AI to the edge of medical imaging, the most important healthcare tool in early detection, with NVIDIA Clara and the NVIDIA EGX Intelligent Edge Computing Platform

The NVIDIA EGX platform is a cloud-native, GPU-accelerated software stack for server and embedded, Arm-based deployments like NVIDIA Clara AGX. By containerizing DDAI apps/algorithms on NGC, which is optimized on EGX systems, we can expand our reach and bring AI solutions to customers at a much larger scale.

The solutions have two specific use cases:

  1. For doctors, DDAI solutions augment decisions through quantitative metrics and improve diagnostic confidence. One example is the DDAI Multi-modality Breast Cancer Evaluation solution, which assists oncologists in grading mammography and targets to help the evaluation of chemotherapy response, especially on axillary lymph-node status, which contributes to the avoidance of unnecessary axillary lymph-node dissection. 
  2. For individuals/patients: DDAI/PhenoMx solutions provide a better understanding of the human body. The DDAI/PhenoMx BodyMarkerTM/PhenoBodyTM solution facilitates a deep dive into one’s own body to quantitatively find out and track tissue composition. This can serve as a biomarker for diabetes or other metabolic diseases and flag any abnormal deviations as potential risks. Such GPU-accelerated solutions empower the patient and provide for better engagement with the doctor. 

By utilizing NVIDIA Clara and EGX, DDAI and PhenoMx are ushering in a new generation of smart digital health. Visit NVIDIA booth 10939 at RSNA around 12:20 p.m. on Wednesday, December 4th to learn more about our solutions and experience live demonstrations. 

PhenoMx wins Advanced Diagnostics & Therapies Award at GIANT Health!

October 2019 - PhenoMx takes top prize in the Advanced Diagnostics & Therapies category at the Beanstalks GIANT Health Competition! 

The Beanstalks startup competition was held on October 16, 2019 in London, England at Chelsea FC Stadium, home to Premier League's Chelsea FC. The GIANT Health Event has been described as, "Europe's largest, most valuable Festival of HealthTech Innovation." Beanstalks, a competition for early-stage health and tech startups from 20+ countries, consisted of over 200 application reviews and over 21 company pitches before winners were selected.

On the company's recent win, Dr. Girish Srinivasan, PhenoMx CTO said the following, "We are excited to see the recognition for PhenoMx, Inc., where we are passionate to seek out the application of technology to improve health and make it accessible to everyone."

TCELS Forms Official Relationship with PhenoMx, Inc. to Develop Strategic Initiatives for Thailand

September 2019 - As part of the Bio Investment Asia Conference (September 25-27 in Bangkok, Thailand), Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS), a public organization, and PhenoMx, Inc., a US-based health technology company, are pleased to announce the execution of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop strategic initiatives for Thailand in the biomedical, life science and medical device industries.

PhenoMx CEO, Mark Punyanitya, "This agreement marks the beginning of a collaboration between PhenoMx and the Thailand biomedical, life science, and medical device industries. We are committed to contributing to growth within the Thailand healthcare landscape and to promoting our vision for accessible care around the globe."

Thailand Medical News: Imaging Biomarkers,The Next Wave In Precision Medicine

September 2019 - Globally Recognized Medical Researcher And Leading Imaging Biomedical Engineer, Mark Punyanitya Returns To Help Thailand In the Field Of Biomedical Advances

Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS) Promotes Bio Investment Asia 2019

September 2019 - TCELS CEO Dr. Nares Damrongchai discusses Bio Investment Asia 2019, the future of Asian Life Sciences and highlights international partnerships, including Pfizer and PhenoMx

PhenoMx Enters Agreement to Support Camurus AB with Acromegaly Clinical Trial

August 2019 - PhenoMx has agreed to support Camurus AB, a Swedish research-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology company specializing in the commercialization of medicines for treating serious and chronic diseases, with an upcoming study. 

As part of the vendor agreement, PhenoMx will partner with Accelsiors CRO, to further evaluate "A Phase 3, multi-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to assess efficacy, pharmacokinetics and safety of CAM2029 (octreotide subcutaneous depot) in patients with acromegaly"

Featured Media

Advanced Imaging: Anywhere, Anytime - PhenoMx with Digital Health Futurist Maneesh Juneja

Media & Articles


Emergence of Phenotypic Imaging in Modern Healthcare

December 2019 - Journal of Progress in Preventive Medicine

A paradigm shift is coming in modern healthcare. Unsustainable economics, the emergence of new technologies, calls for a more democratic distribution of care, physician burnout, and continuous improvement in healthcare quality are together creating the perfect storm for the emergence of a new type of systemic model. Phenotypic imaging modalities have the potential to improve disparities in health access, clinical outcomes and patient longevity.

- Mark Luhovy, MD, PhenoMx Chief Operating Officer

Tackling the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and Rebalancing Healthcare

November 2019 - The New Economy

With inequity in healthcare and economics creating numerous societal challenges, we can no longer wait to address the imbalance and provide innovative solutions to healthcare providers.

- JohnMatthew Douglas, PhenoMx VP, BD & Social Determinants of Health Strategy 

- Mark Luhovy, MD, PhenoMx Chief Operating Officer

- Mark Punyanitya, PhenoMx Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

Digital Health Futurist Maneesh Juneja Discusses the Potential of PhenoMx with The New Economy

Full Transcript: Published November 2019 -

The New Economy: “The products and services that will have the biggest impact on our health will not come from healthcare, but from outside of healthcare.” These are the words of my guest: digital health futurist Maneesh Juneja; joining us also is Mark Punyanitya, co-founder and CEO of medical imaging platform PhenoMx.

Maneesh, tell me more about the innovations that you’re seeing – that are coming from outside of healthcare, but still to improve our health.

Maneesh Juneja: So what we’re seeing is the emergence of things like wearables, we’re seeing consumer health apps, which are being developed by entrepreneurs who are not necessarily part of the healthcare system; all designed to help people have a more convenient way of managing their health, possibly early detection of disease, and possibly even about prevention of disease through behaviour change.

Consumers are saying: hey, we’ve seen through retail, travel, banking, it’s possible to have more convenient products and services. So we’re asking that of healthcare now as well. So we’re starting to see this shift where technology is enabling healthcare to move outside of the hospital, into the home.

The New Economy: Mark, this is one of the places where PhenoMX comes in, because you’re revolutionising the technology that you’re using, to make it vastly more accessible.

Mark Punyanitya: Sure. So at PhenoMX we’re looking to take medical imaging, which traditionally has been quite behind-the-scenes, essentially liberate it, have an opportunity to use it anytime, anywhere. Whether that’s in a large city, a small village, or even a rural environment.

We’re currently using non-invasive MRI scanning to detect different changes in the major vital organs and tissues, to inform your likelihood of Alzheimers, fatty liver disease, or cardiovascular disease.

We look at automating and incrementing the efficiency, taking some of the consumer concepts of software as a service, pay-per-use, the ubiquity of technology, with a cheaper, quicker scan. A five minute liver scan, for example. Or a five minute brain scan. We drive down the cost of getting the scan done.

At this current time we’re still utilising the existing MRI infrastructure. But additionally, we’re looking at hardware that can be priced dramatically differently. Something that would make it possible to put an MRI scanner in the back of a truck, and take it to remote villages.

Being able to do imaging anywhere around the world, the automation we’re applying – whether it’s the software side or the hardware side – will enable a remote village to have the same level of scanning that could be done at a major academic university. Thus enabling remote patient monitoring – but from the inside of the body. The major vital organs and tissues, because of imaging.

The New Economy: And Maneesh, it is important that as well as being physically accessible, these innovative healthcare interventions are more financially accessible?

Maneesh Juneja: Correct, so, a lot of these technologies being developed are essentially only available if you are wealthy, or you live in a certain part of the world. And that’s scaring many people who are saying, we already have these huge social inequalities in health, and we don’t want these new technologies to make them even wider.

Today we’ve got 7.7 billion people on the planet, and there are literally billions that don’t have access to affordable, safe, high quality healthcare. And by the end of this century we’re going to have 11 billion people on this planet forecasted. So there’s a huge need for actually, how can we get as many people around the world to be able to access these new technologies?

The New Economy: Mark, is this sort of healthcare accessibility part of PhenoMx’s mission?

Mark Punyanitya: Absolutely. We’re taking highly advanced imaging capabilities, but using the ubiquity of technology to disperse it, dispense it, anywhere, anytime. Making the gap between the health disparities much closer together. Decreasing the prices, the efficiency, the automation. These are all components that we have expertise in, to make a more seamless user experience, and provide a package that can be implemented worldwide.

Maneesh Juneja: This kind of technology that we’ve been hearing about today could have huge implications to bring safe, high quality healthcare to everybody on the planet.

Think about that person in that village somewhere around the world, who’s living 200km from the nearest city with a big medical centre and all the equipment. If they can have access to these new technologies, and we can actually enable them to detect certain diseases, manage their health, just be able to live a healthier life: I mean that’s absolutely a fabulous idea.

Mark Punyanitya: So, we’re looking outside of the US. In the US it’s early adoption, but we see a broader perspective in Europe, the Middle East, Asia. Where there is a larger population number, but a familiarity with health screening and the ability to acquire data, medical records, bloodwork and things like that.

And we’re using imaging in that same manner. Can we acquire data on your body much more rapidly?

Additionally, we’re looking at public health and population health screening. And wanting to implement something that addresses some of the environmental factors, the social determinants of health, and tie them to these hard outcomes. Whether you’re developing asthma or something else; and then we’re enabling linking that to scanning your lung.

And then being unplugged. Having the same type of wireless capacity to attach it to the scanner, so it doesn’t have to be a hard line. Lots of technology to come that will make a big difference.

The Digital Physical Exam and a Radical Look at Population Health

October 2019 - PhenoMx CEO, Mark Punyanitya, sits down with Host Greg Matthews from Data Point to discuss the value of full-body imaging, AI and a radical view of population health. 

Is the developing world about to leapfrog the West?

PhenoMx is Bringing MRI to the Masses

May 2019 - The New Economy

The field of radiology largely focuses on diagnosis, but its applications could be far more wide-ranging if it were used as a preventative tool.

- Girish Srinivasan, PhenoMx Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

PhenoMx brings precision medicine insights to the annual physical exam

September 2018 - PhenoMx is a healthcare technology start-up, enhancing the traditional physical exam with precision medicine. Mark Punyanitya is its co-founder and CEO; he explains how precision medicine can be applied in other fields, what insights healthcare practitioners can gain by enhancing the physical exam with an MRI, and the timeline for bringing the solution to market.

- Mark Punyanitya, PhenoMx Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Gaining global healthcare insights from precision medicine techniques

September 2018 - PhenoMx is a healthcare technology start-up, enhancing the traditional physical exam with precision medicine. Mark Punyanitya is its co-founder and CEO; he explains that with 500 MRI scanning sites around the world, the business can quickly build a vast corpus of scans and healthcare insights that could help enhance global health.
- Mark Punyanitya, PhenoMx Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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